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Sleep is a two-headed monster for me. If I don’t get enough sleep, I get irritable and my anxiety kicks up a notch; however, if I get too much sleep, my depression often tries to keep me under the blankets.

I typically aim for about 8 hours a night and hope for at least 7 hours. I recently purchased a new pillow that is fantastic and has been helping me to stay asleep through the night. I have been debating on taking melanin, but I just don’t like taking pills if I don’t have to (which is why it took 20+ years for me to finally get on antidepressants again)

We do have a sound machine (white noise) during the cooler months. When it is hot out, we have the window unit air conditioner. Those also help. I even have the fabulous eye mask to sleep with so Jason doesn’t wake me up with his phone light.

2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. What kind of pillow did you buy? We recently “rescued” a couple expensive pillows I bought a couple years ago that I had stored at Billy’s. David is in love with them.


    1. I bought the MyPillow that is advertised everywhere. They have been having a BOGO sale for ages and I finally decided to try them. The first thing you have to do when you get them is throw them in the dryer to fluff them up. Then you can wash and dry them later to fluff them back up again. Or get pet hair off of them.


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