depression, Motivation


I really can’t stress enough that you should be careful before making assumptions about people. Even innocuous things like people who take selfies.

When I was younger, my anxiety was much worse. If I wasn’t at work, I was either home or maybe at a bar. I couldn’t fathom going to a baseball game, zip lining, flying to a new country, or even going to the store sometimes.

You will often see me taking and posting selfies. These are proof that I have done things. I made it out. When I’m having a rough day, they are a reminder that things aren’t always bad. They encourage me to go farther and to try more.

Yes, there may be people that are so fully focused on themselves that they miss the world around them; but it doesn’t harm you, so let them pass. Imagime they are suffering from something and move on.

We often look at the world from our own experiences and understanding, yet sometimes we need to look at it from someone else’s point of view. Maybe walk a mile in their stilletos.

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