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I know the last week has been a little bit dark on here. Just keep in mind that if I am on here confessing and putting my struggles onto paper (so to speak) that means I am doing well. Maybe even great.

Confessing my struggles is a way of purging the negativity out of my head. When I am struggling the most, I tend to withdraw and hide. I tend to avoid most things, especially outside interactions.

If reading about my struggles is hard or painful for you, please stop reading. I am here to make my world, and the world at large, a better place. Sometimes that means opening the oven door and letting the cockroaches out.

This blog is meant to be comforting and informative. Not painful. Not scary.

One thought on “Confessing

  1. I’ve written a character with MDD, and he makes the point that if you try to dismiss it or ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist, you just give it more power.



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