I often bottle up my emotions, thoughts and feelings. This isn’t the greatest idea because they often burst out at inopportune times. Lately I have been bottling up a lot of anger and that has simmered over more than once.

I’m a fun going guy most of the time. I like to have fun and make sure that those around me have fun. I enjoy having a drink on the ferry as I head to SF. I enjoy walking through the woods or floating down the river. I enjoy museums, aquariums and many other things. None of these help to control my bottling.

Depression isn’t just hard on the person that suffers from the disease. It takes its toll on those around you as well. I’m not saying this to increase anyone’s guilt, but it does. This is why a network of friends is critical. Relying too much on a single person can overburden that person. I grew up with the swings and misses of depression; the people around me are getting random spits.

If I am acting out of character, or weirder than normal, let me know. Sometimes I don’t even realize when things are getting out of control. Sometimes I need my friends to help me. And sometimes I just need to have fun.

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