I probably should have warned you about my blog before I started throwing these posts up on my happy go lucky FB page. If anyone is bothered by the window into my soul, let me know. I can remove the link to FB and have people come over to the site to read these. I could put a link in my profile or something.

My goal with this blog is to get the things out of my head that I normally can’t talk about. Writing the words on these pages is far easier for me than talking with a person. There is something raw in talking about the inner workings of my depression. These confessions seem light and easy, but they do take a toll.

While this blog helps to relieve my inner struggle, it also makes me wonder if people are interacting with me less because of these insights. Am I scaring people? Should I stick to writing about horror movies instead?

I don’t know. I guess this journey will tell me in time. In the interim, please feel free to leave comments or send FB messages if you have feedback and/or thoughts. This journey will not be successful without support from my wonderful friends and family.