Sometimes people come together to do amazing things and do evil* deeds. That is what happened when Pink Poodle Batman was born. We had good intentions. We needed new candles; new body washes; new scents.

That’s when the store came into focus. Across the mall from where we were was tantalizing idea of a joke gone wild. Something that we didn’t know would survive longer than our next drink.

She and I. She and I. That’s what started it. A sale at a store (Bath and Body Works) and a combined thought.

We were high on sale prices and new scents. Nothing could stop us, not even the mall shoppers or mall walkers. We giggled. We hooted. We schemed and we created.

That is how Pink Poodle Batman came to be. It was innocent at first; but as with everything that comes from our group (the Court), it became a legend.

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